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Free Up

The FREE UP Coaching System is a custom experience designed to help clients perform and live to their highest potential on a consistent daily basis.  The founder, Dr. Coyte Cooper, was passionate about creating an experience that allowed people to eliminate barriers (anxiety, fear, lack of ENERGY, stress, underperformance) so they can FREE UP once and for all in the key areas of their lives.  There are three different types of coaching (private one-on-on coaching, group training and virtual courses) that are designed to help clients achieve the following outcomes as they create results and lives they truly LOVE.

  • Learn how to get sharp control of mind + nervous system

  • Cultivate an operating system that drives results and fulfillment

  • Create a metric system that cultivates powerful results

  • Establish a growth mindset that leads to max progress + potential

  • Customize a daily system that allows you to create a life you truly love


Free Up 


Dr. Coyte Cooper is a bestselling author, international speaker and executive coach who is one of the premier experts in the area of leadership and maximizing performance.  A former NCAA Division I All-American, TEDx Speaker, college professor and the CEO of Flip the Script, Dr. Cooper has worked closely with thousands of proactive professionals the past few years to develop a unique transformational system that helps clients radically enhance their clarity, focus, ENERGY, motivation, passion and results on a consistent daily basis. 

Dr. Cooper created Thrive365 Coaching to give people passionate about performing and living to potential a place to go to DREAM BIG and LEVEL UP on their way to achieving their highest aspirations.

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Pediatrics Post Doc, Columbia University


Thrive Essentials is an adventure that will bring you focus, clarity and calm. I trusted the system and was blown away with what honing simple habits did for me.  Be open and ready to embrace the change, you are in good hands. Trust the system and take tiny steps, one at a time, and you'll be amazed with the results.

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NCAA Division I Champion, Entrepreneur and Coach


I never realized how much more potential I had until I started working with Dr. Coyte Cooper. He helps you realize the path to your dreams is not easy, but with consistent daily effort, we can all earn the right to success. I highly recommend that you get involved in his training so you can elevate your life.


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