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Free Up

The FREE UP Private Coaching system was custom designed to provide proactive professionals and performers (business professionals, CEO's, coaches, entrepreneurs and athletes) with a life altering experience so they can eliminate barriers and FREE UP to their highest performance + personal-wellness + potential (HP3) in the key areas of their lives.  While the program was personalized to drive results, it was also formed with the purpose of helping clients radically elevate their calm, clarity, ENERGY, motivation, passion and overall quality of life.


build a system to MAXIMIZE GROWTH

Establish a world-class growth and mindset system that helps you cultivate a growth mindset that enhances your life.

create a plan to DRIVE RESULTS

Learn a custom system designed to drive productivity and close the gap on the desired results that matter to you most.

hone habits to elevate focus & desired states

Figure out how to create a daily approach the leads to calm, focus, passion and other optimal states that lead to happiness.


Create a daily system and approach to living that consistently drives joy and passion in the key areas of your life.



FREE UP is a custom12-session one-on-one coaching program that features 60-minute private video coaching calls with Dr. Cooper.  Each of the topic areas is designed to build on top of each other to help clients create a world-class performance + personal-wellness + potential (HP3) system to drive optimization in the key areas of their lives.

Free Up Phases

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The FLOW Fundamentals
Learn an approach that allows you to tap into brain's pleasure center so you can create a FLOW in the key areas of your life that maximizes creativity, ENERGY, purpose and desired results.

Mind Mastery + Optimization
Learn a custom 1-2-3 Superpower meditation system that gives you complete control of your mind and nervous system so you can maximize performance + personal-wellness + potential.

3G Operating System
Train your brain to embrace a one-of-a-kind Operating System that eliminates fear and FREES UP your highest potential in all of the key areas of your life.

Emotional Achemy
Learn a powerful process to let go of your biggest barriers so you can free up once and for all and proactively and intentionally create your dream life.

The FREE UP private coaching program has some unique, one-of-a-kind elements that differentiate it from other coaching programs.  The experience is more than just one-on-one guidance from Coyte.  It gives you his custom HP3 (High Performance + Personal-wellness + Potential) system designed to radically elevate your results.

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Custom tracking system

This custom Progress Tracking system is designed to help you increase your accountability as you establish life altering habits that dramatically improve your productivity, performance and potential throughout the 12-week coaching experience.  This is a system that you can use to drive your results in any area of your life.

Custom 3g operating SYSTEM

This one-of-a-kind 3G Planner is designed to help you establish three of the most powerful habits on the planet during your coaching experience.  These habits will radically elevate your clarity, ENERGY, focus, motivation and results both during and after your coaching program.

FREE UP 3G Planner (3D).png

Custom 3p free formula

The 3P FREE Formula template was created to help you tap into the brain's pleasure center so you can learn to love any behavior that you pursue.  This will also set the tone for a radical transformation in your approach that allows you to gravitate towards desired behaviors and results in a more effortless manner that is truly enjoyable.

3P FREE Formula (3D).png

+ other custom coaching resources to elevate experience.

Program differentiators

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Executive Director at University of Florida


FREE UP Coaching taught me to focus on what is most important. I've learned to make sure to prioritize what is important and how to block out the noise. I've now have incredible habits in place to automate my gratitude, my happiness, my health and to ensure my lifestyle of growth.


Entrepreneur and Coach


Coyte Cooper has a profound way of teaching people to "flip the script" to positive and priorities in life.  I have purpose, clarity and can envision my life by my design now because of this powerful training.  My entire life has changed because of the powerful habits I learned from Coyte.

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 9.46.16 AM.png

CEO of Cheeky Scientist, Author


Dr. Coyte Cooper is one of the most influential and relatable voices in personal growth and leadership today. Coyte’s process can take a person from being an average performer to being the best in their class.  If you want to create real change in your life, don't hesitate to work with him.


Dr. Cooper pours into in making his coaching experience truly one-of-a-kind.  He spends a significant amount of time customizing the experience to help clients break through in their careers and lives.  Because of this, he only takes on a limited amount of clients at a given time so he can serve them to his highest potential.  Thus, if you want to be considered as a coaching client, please fill out the coaching application below.  This will help determine if you are a good fit for the program (and if Dr. Cooper is a good fit to be your coach).


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