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Dr. Cooper is an best-selling author, coach and speaker dedicated to helping proactive people (athletes, business professionals, coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, parents) create habits, rituals and systems to drive High Performance + Personal-wellness + Potential (HP3) in their lives.  In the past five years, he has given hundreds of keynote talks and done over 1000 private coaching sessions.  Dr. Cooper has taken all of his research, personal application and client interactions to build a world-class system designed to help people get sharp control of their minds, nervous system and behaviors so they can FREE UP in the key areas of lives.

  • How to establish a world-class personal growth system to maximize clarity, ENERGY, focus, motivation and passion

Popular Topic Areas

  • How to overcome adversity and transition from pain to purpose  
  • How to create a system designed to overcome barriers and drive performance, personal-wellness and potential
  • How to establish a daily mindfulness ritual that allows you to be present and purposeful in your life

* Any topic from Dr. Cooper's Impressions, Make Your Mark or Flip the Script books...or from private coaching page.

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Speaking Samples

Dr. Cooper's "Earn the Right to Live Your Dream" podcast has over 100 episodes and 100,000+ downloads.  You can listen to the podcast to get a feel for his presentation style and skill sets, and also to identify topics that might be a good fit for your show and audience.

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Interested in interviewing Dr. Cooper for your show?  Use the form below or contact Dr. Cooper directly via email here...

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