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Before You Download Your Audiobook

You're only going to see this page once (ever), so please read every word (and watch the video) very very carefully. It's really that important...

 Unlock the Ultimate Growth & Mindset System 

To Truly THRIVE In

Competitive Environments

So You Can Close the Gap On Your Highest Goals... 


Are You Tired Of...

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and/or stressed because of all of the constant distractions and "negative noise" around you?


Knowing you are holding back pursuing your goals all out because of a fear of failure or limiting beliefs?


Falling short of expectations when you know you are capable of SO MUCH MORE in the key areas of your life?

If so, I completely get it...

15 years ago, I was an NCAA Division I athlete at Indiana University in the sport of wrestling.  It was my ultimate dream to become a National Champion before I graduated. 


For five grueling years, I poured everything into my training in hopes of making this dream become a reality.


I gave it everything that I had...


As I walked off the mat my senior year for the final time, I had earned All-American honors, but had fallen short of my ultimate goal.


I remember getting in my car to go home with my parents and being so disappointed.  I felt like I had completely failed. 


I was devastated at the time...


The Truth Is...

I now know that this was the best I was ever going to do as a competitive athlete. Why? Because my mind wasn't right.


In my transition to college, I had started to adopt the wrong mindset.  I was focused on the wrong things and as a result I was...

  • Competing not to lose rather than for joy of competition 

  • ​Hesitating and holding back in bigger moments 

  • ​Beating myself up after loses or subpar performances

  • ​Dreading practices and competition

  • ​No longer enjoying a sport I once loved

In hindsight, after studying mindset and performance for 10 years, it all makes sense to me now.


I had unknowingly adopted the wrong habits that caused me to have a mindset that was stopping me from achieving my goals.


If I just knew then what I know now...

It's not all bad though because...

 Here's the REALLY COOL thing... 

It was these difficult situations that made me intrigued with mindset and creating habits to THRIVE in challenging environments.


For 10+ years, I have passionately studied the habits of the most effective people on the planet so I could break free in my own life.


I have now combined these habits to create a life altering growth and mindset system that has allowed me to THRIVE in my key roles as a coach, husband, parent and speaker (performer).


Even cooler, this system has allowed me to help athletes, coaches and performers like you establish powerful habits so you can free up completely and create powerful results you absolutely LOVE.


This has led me to a POWERFUL conclusion

You are capable of remarkable results in your career and life if you just train your brain to use it's full capacity!

Just imagine what your career and life would look like...

If you were no longer deterred by mental barriers and “negative noise.” Just imagine what you could accomplish if you broke free once and for all and simply brought the best you have to offer.  Just imagine if you had a powerful system that pulled out your highest potential...


You will be able to...


  • Create a world-class growth and mindset system that dramatically elevates confidence so you can close the gap on your goals.

  • Establish a daily growth ritual that trains your brain to focus so you can lock in on top priorities.

  • Cultivate habits that maximize positivity and productivity so you can be ENERGIZED, passionate and productive throughout your days.

  • Stay centered, calm and stress-free consistently so you can enjoy your process and make meaningful moments each day.



"The Ultimate Growth & Mindset System To Help Athletes and Coaches Establish Game Changing Habits To THRIVE In Competition And Life"

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Here's What You'll Get With Thrive Essentials:


  • 10 guided lessons organized thoughtfully into seven modules, EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create a mindset to THRIVE in your athletic career and life…

  • ​Over 10 accompanying worksheets, checklists, and resources for built-in accountability, so that you can take consistent action…

  • ​VIP access to my habit formation system: The exact strategies and resources that allowed me to establish five of the most powerful habits on the planet in a 6 month period.

  • ​Over my shoulder mindset trainings: I don’t just tell you, I will show you exactly how to establish a world-class growth and mindset system.

  • ​Feedback, support and access to me via our private course community.

*Establish a daily ritual to be WAY MORE positive, passionate, and purposeful each day!