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How to Create Calm in a Chaotic World

Our world has become pretty wild over the last year and a half. I think it's safe to say that our society has changed in ways that nobody would have ever predicted.

I certainly would have never guessed that COVID would have gone on this long and had the impact that it has on our country.

And just when I thought we were turning a corner, another round has started to emerge that is causing more drama in our environment.

I have already seen this cause so much anxiety, frustration, exhaustion and overwhelm in good people the last year.

BUT...I also don't believe it has to stay this way. Your greatest freedom as a human being is the ability to choose your response to any situation that you face in life.

My new podcast episode outlines three powerful steps you can take to create peace in the middle of chaos.

  • Focus #1: Space for Silence (Stillness)

  • Focus #2: Disconnect From Discouraging

  • Focus #3: Pursue Experiences That Bring Peace

Don't settle for less than your highest potential during these challenging times. Pick your perspective and bring positive ENERGY (and an uplifting spirit) to a world that desperately needs it.

Listen to this life altering episode here. Listen on iTunes here.

*Looking for more resources to transform your life? Check out my powerful Thrive Essentials Master Course.

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