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These Pre-Essential Trainings are designed to provide you with a foundation so you can truly THRIVE while moving through this 6-week course.  For maximize results, take 1-3 days to go through these video trainings so you are ready to ROCK your Reps and create POWERFUL change in your life moving forward.  Let's LEVEL UP together friend!

Pre-essential #1

Mindset of Successful Habit Formation

One of the keys to successful habit formation is getting your mind right. Once you have the right focus, you radically increase your chances of success in this transformational process. This video outlines five critical focal points to get yourself primed to truly THRIVE during the next six weeks of this experience and beyond.

Pre-essential #2

Mindset Priming  Process

For change to occur, it is essential that you prime your brain to make change probable during this process. This video outlines an INCREDIBLE process that will maximize your chances of success because it will help you make our world-class essentials a MUST.

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Pre-essential #3

66+ Habit Tracker System